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Script Ohio Part 3: Le Régiment de Sambre et Meuse

Posted by admin On October - 31 - 2012

Le Régiment de Sambre et Meuse is popular in the USA, most notably by The Ohio State University Marching Band during its signature Script Ohio formation and at West Point graduations.  It is also often used for marches of the Belgian military schools in Brussels (KMS) and Sint-Truiden (KSOO) because of the historic link of this song with Belgium.

Le Régiment de Sambre et Meuse (lit. “Sambre-et-Meuse regiment”) is a song and military march by Robert Planquette and Paul Cezano.  The original poem was written in 1870 by Paul Cezano, in the wake of the Franco-Prussian War and the first days of the French Third Republic. The next year, music was composed by Robert Planquette. In 1879, it was arranged as a military march by Joseph François Rauski.  Sambre-et-Meuse was the name of an département of the First French Empire in present Belgium. It was named after the rivers Sambre and Meuse. Its capital was Namur.


Le Règiment de Sambre et Meuse

(The Regiment of Sambre and Meuse)


All these proud children of Gaule

Went without truce and rest,

With their rifles on the shoulder.

Courage in the heart and back bag,

Glory was their food.

They were without bread, without shoes

There, they slept on the hard one

With their bags like pillows.


The regiment of Sambre and Meuse

Always went to the cry of “Freedom”,

Seeking the glorious road

Who led to immortality.

To beat us, they were a hundred and thousand;

At their head, they had kings.

The General, weak old man,

Weakens for the first time.

Indicator certain the defeat,

It brings together all its soldiers.

Then it made beat the retirement

But they did not listen to it.

Repeat Chorus

The shock was similar to the lightning.

It was a combat of giant.

Drunk of glory, drunk of powder,

To die they tightened the rows.

The regiment by the grapeshot

Was attacked of everywhere.

However alive wall,

Impassive, remained upright.

Repeat Chorus

The number was right of courage.

A soldier remained, the last.

It was defended with rage,

But soon prisoner was made.

By seeing this savage hero,

The enemy cried over his fate.

The hero took a cartridge,

The Jura, then gave itself death.


The regiment of Sambre and Meuse,

Receipt death with the cry of “Freedom”,

But its glorious history

He give right to immortality.

Translated from the original French lyrics.


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