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Posted by admin On June - 13 - 2013



Life is NOT fair.  The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can enjoy life. 

   – Raymond Edgar Dourlet LaBenne


That is pretty close to what my Dad would tell me growing up (and more then once).  Now I actually love this line.  It is an absolute classic.  And frankly, it is true!  Funny how we end up like our parents.  LOL.  I tell my kids the say line from time to time.  Sure in a perfect world everything is fair.  But the reality is, it is a tough world that we live in and you need to adapt yourself for the times when you feel cheated, let down, or unappreciated.


So when you get frustrated, is look in the mirror and ask:

“Did I do my best?”

“Am I happy with how I handled myself?”

“Would I have done it differently?”


Chances are you did the best you could.  Things just did not work out as you planned or hoped.  Accept it and move on, being positive about life.


Inside I laugh when I see others getting upset and bent out of shape over something they cannot control and complaining “life is NOT fair” or “that is NOT fair”.  Had they only been in my house growing up, they would have already known:  Life is NOT fair.  The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can enjoy life. 


Thanks Dad!  I miss you!  Happy Father’s Day!  Love, Ed



A photo with my Dad, Raymond Edgar LaBenne outside our house in Mount Vernon, Ohio.  At my side are my kids, Joshua Raymond (named after my Dad) and Mary Louise (named after my Mom).  NOTE TO SELF – notice the exceptional clothing combination on my Dad, Notre Dame hat and Ohio State sweatshirt (a proud Ohio Catholic).  Hmmmm, I could match that same style today!!! LOL  Like father, like son.

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