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Dedicated To My Kids

Posted by admin On June - 14 - 2012


Dedicated to my children:  Joshua, Mary, Kevin and Gigi.

My youngest, Gigi (Mariah Grace) was born in the Philippines only 6 months before I finished my 20 year military career.  Kevin Pasuquin, born in La Louvière , Belgium, only 10 kilometers from where his Great Grandfather Fernand LaBenne was born in Jumet, Belgium in 1884.  Mary Louise was born in an Army hospital at Yongsan Garrison in Seoul, Korea.  The lone American birth came when Joshua Raymond was born in a Navy hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

Each one in a different country, each one unable to experience the an All American life like I was exposed too.  I have been very fortunate over my life to have great role models and experiences.  My Catholic faith and participation in Boy Scouts gave me the values to succeed in life.  I came from a simple life, with parents working their entire life to create a solid foundation for their kids.  Sacrificing many luxuries throughout their married life for the future of their kids:  Michael, Marguerite and Edgar (Me).  My Dad (Raymond Edgar LaBenne) experienced the Great Depression as a child going up on a chicken farm in Blissfield, Michigan and served in England during World War II in the Army Air Corps.  But with his death, ends the possible insight and account of his many experiences.  I wish I have then to relive and review.

So my blog, Winner of the Losers, is to document and share my experiences in life so my kids will know and be able to share with my future Grandchildren.  Of course if anyone else reads and enjoys, it is my pleasure.

So, Joshua, Mary, Kevin and Gigi – Always Remember Your Daddy Loves You Very Much!


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